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Official BoloToss Rules:
Available for download here
Setting up your BoloToss™ game:
First start off by finding a space with a range of distances about 30 feet and space your Bolo Fences between this area. So you should now have a minimum of 30 feet between the Bolo Fences. || ______________ ||. Official is around 40 feet apart. Similar to most all ladder golf like game rules.
Holding the bolo balls is entirely up to you. Here is some examples of how to hold the bolo balls when tossing them at the targets.
Each person or team who is playing BoloToss™ gets 1 set of 3 colored Bolos. (3 Bolos of the same color make one player or one team a set). Once it is agreed on who is going to go first, the first person of the team tosses each BoloToss™ from the front end line of the Bolo Fence at which they are standing. After all 3 Bolos are tossed the other person or team whom you are playing against will toss their 3 Bolos. The object would be to cancel out any points that the previous person may have made as well as to accumulate additional points. After both players have tossed all their Bolos, the score is added up and the person or team with the most points on THAT round will go first to lead off the next set of throws. The person who scored the most on the previous throw always goes first the next time. Bolos that bounce off the ground DO count.
Most people play BoloToss™ to exact 21 points. The only way you win is to score exactly the 21 points. However some people choose to just play to whomever gets over 21 or more wins with the highest score. Equal number of throws before scores can end a game.
As mentioned above on getting exactly the 21 points, the player’s points for that round do not count if they go over. So if they need 2 points then that is all they want to get to win with 21 exactly.
Ties are broken by an additional tossing of 3 bolos per team one time. Team with the highest points wins the game. If score is still tied, continue until there is a declared winner. Some play you must win by TWO points.
Some play over 21 as well. First player or team to score over 21 wins as long as the player or team who throws last has went.
Etiquette of the Game:
Etiquette is like any other game. Be polite, don’t talk or disrupt the other players
When both players or teams have tossed all of their Bolos the scoring is determined by the bolos that are still hanging on the rungs of the Bolo Fence. Players are allowed to knock-off bolos during the play of the game and are encouraged to always play defensively. Any Bolos that are knocked off during play do not count as points and are considered null once they are no longer hanging on the Bolo Fence rung. The only points that will count are the Bolos that are left hanging on the Bolo Fence rungs. Remember if you have one bolo on a rung and your opponent has a bolo also hanging on that rung, then the points are cancelled out and no one gets awarded any points for those particular bolos that cancelled each other out. Try to score that Bolette or Bolop but watch out for the old dreaded Bojected. If playing the Equalizer version, watch out or you will lose points.
Additional Scoring in BoloToss:

BoloToss™ Points are made depending on which run your Bolos hang or wrap around. The top rung is worth 3 points the middle rung is worth 2 points and the bottom rung is only worth 1 point. On the Equalizer BoloToss, the Equalizer bar is minus 1 point.
Players can score double the points by hanging all 3 bolos from the same rung as long as your opponent does not cancel you out on a rung.
Bolo Terms:

Bolos: A Bolo consists of 2 balls attached together with a piece of premium-coated nylon rope. The balls are generally spaced somewhere between 10-12 inches apart to disallow double rung hanging occurrences.

Bolo Fence: The Bolo Fence is the structure that consists of the uprights and the 3 numbered rungs. A top middles and bottoms rung. The Equalizer structure has four rungs. 3 as noted above but a fourth bar out front which is the equalizer bar.

Rungs: Each Bolo Fence has 3 Rungs. The top Rung is worth 3 points, the middle 2 and the bottom 1 point. Each scoring rung is numbered for easy reading. The Equalizer game set has 4 rungs. Same as above except you lose a point if you land on the equalizer bar. And lose double the points if all three bolos land on the Equalizer bar without getting cancelled out.

BoloToss™ Line: The line that the players toss their Bolos from. It is officially is set to 40 feet to be exact in all official BoloToss™ tournaments.
BoloToss™ Set Includes:
• 2 BoloToss™ fences
• 3 Bolos of one color SILVER
• 3 Bolos of another color GOLD
• 1 Mesh Carry bag
• 1 Set of official rules/brochure
** Equalizer set comes with a deluxe carrying bag, 2 bolo pouches **

Assembling your BoloToss™ set:

Assemble the base of the Bolo Fence first. It consists of 6 long pipe pieces and 4 elbow and 2 T fittings. Next construct 6 pieces of the long pipe with the elbows on the ends and a T in the middle where your Bolo Fence will stand upright. Next place a short pipe then a T, then a short pipe then a T, then a short pipe and then an Elbow at the top. This is where your top rung will go. Do the same on the other side of your Bolo Fence. Next place your Rungs, 3 of the long pipe pieces into the top, middle, and bottom positions. So now you have one complete Bolo Fence. Repeat the above process for the other Bolo Fence. If you are assembling the Equalizer, then leave out the bottom front cross brace on the base and use two short uprights to connect the equalizer cross bar to. This will make four rungs. Simple as that. Disassemble back into your mesh bag for easy storage and mobility when not in use or use the supplied super glue for a more permanent fixture if being left outdoors. Please note that the Equalizer set comes with 4 other short pieces for the equalizer bar construction.
Safety is our main concern:

DO NOT toss any Bolo unless you are tossing them at the Bolo Fence otherwise injury to yourself or others may occur if thrown or used improperly.

The Bolos are tied using knots on each end. If you see a knot coming lose, then cut and reinsert in the golf ball hole and re tie immediately.

Parents must supervise any kids playing this game.

NEVER stand or jump on the rungs of the
Bolo Fences. Any misuse can cause bodily injury, as the Bolo Fences are NOT designed for climbing on.


Kids Bolos are advised to be used. Rubber bolos may be purchased.
Never pull on the rubber bolos as they are glued and misuse will tear these bolos apart.

BoloToss™ Storage and Cleaning:

Your new BoloToss™ game is made of premium high quality pre-molded poly plastic and should last a long time with normal use and standard cleaning.
Use your mesh bag during the winter months or when traveling with BoloToss™.

Never leave your Bolos in the sun for extended periods as excessive sunlight may deteriorate the nylon rope connecting the Bolos and fade the balls coloring.

Always keep your Bolos dry if at all possible.

Use Acetone to remove black markings on your pipe or for routine cleaning of your set. Never use acetone on the painted bolo balls!
Replacement Parts:

Replacement parts are always available at our website www.BoloToss.com
Extra Bolos are always nice to have for company to play partners.
Contact Us:
Feel free to contact us with any of your questions, comments or suggestions you may have on BoloToss™.

BoloToss™ Warnings:
Before playing BoloToss™ please adhere and read all the warnings and rules. BoloToss™ is not a young child’s game without adults supervising. Adult supervision is required for children playing this game. Please read the instructions carefully. Proper use of this game can avoid damage or injury. When assembling your BoloToss™ set, super glue is suggested for a strong permanent structure. If not using Super Glue then insert the fittings with a lot of force to hold the structure good and solid and this will allow you to take our yard game any where you want.

 BoloToss is an extremely addictive backyard game of skill... similar to horseshoes, but different.

It's a lawn game that is appropriate for all ages, and can actually be played indoors as well as outdoors.

Simply put, you toss a bolo ball (piece of rope with a golf ball attached at both ends) towards a bolo toss ladder with the hope that it will wrap around and cling to one of the individual rungs on the ladder. Which rung of the ladder your bolo clings to ultimately determine score or whether your toss simply "cancels out" your challenger's.

BoloToss appeared in campgrounds across America. RVers and campers have a special fondness for this unique (and popular!) outdoor game, as do tailgaters.